Jana is very professional yet very friendly. She always plan before coming to the class and writes down notes where we make mistakes. Then she highlights the notes and helps us to improve with our Czech Language. I had her for 5 months as my Czech teacher and I can now understand basic Czech and … Read more

Meenakshi Khatri, India

For me as Egyptian who has a mother-tongue language of Arabic which is already not easy, Czech language is difficult as well, I’ve also learnt German what looked for me one of the most difficult languages, but it is not as difficult as Czech. Jana taught me Czech in such a smart and simple way … Read more

Ahmed, Egypt

When I stared Czech lessons with Jana 5 months ago I was a complete beginner and the task of learning the Czech language seemed daunting. Now though, I can easily communicate at a basic level which has made my life here in Prague much more enjoyable! I am an English language teacher myself from America, … Read more

Nikky Raviola-Chvapil, USA

I would like to strongly recommend Jana as a CZ language teacher. After year and a half of us two (me and my husband) being her student my colleagues just don’t believe when I’m saying I came in Prague less then 2 years ago, and my husband is taking car-driving lessons in Czech. We are … Read more

Evgenia and Alexander, Russia

Jana’s style of teaching is thorough, efficient and interesting. She has a keen ability to sense people’s learning styles and will easily adapt her communication to create an environment conducive to learning for all involved. Her pace is fast but she makes sure everyone understands and isn’t left behind. I would strongly recommend Jana as … Read more

Sam, USA

Having several times tried Czech lessons in the past, I found Jana a very encouraging and effective teacher. She had no trouble adapting her lessons to my needs and was always ready and prepared. She has given me confidence in using the Czech she has taught me and the tools to keep learning. I would … Read more

Teneille, Australia

I started studying czech online via skype with Jana from few months. I am very satisfied and I’m learning a lot. Jana is very professional and prepared, but also friendly and available to adapt to the learning style of the student. So the lesson is very useful but never heavy. Particularly useful are exercises and … Read more

Marco, Italy

Jana Slavikova is a fantastic teacher for anyone interested in learning the Czech language. Jana makes learning Czech fun and I’ve made solid progress over the last year. She does a great job mixing in grammar, vocabulary, and common phrases so I can manage day-to-day dialogue while also build a foundation for the future. Jana … Read more

Rick Griffiths, USA

I would recommend Jana as a teacher for students with any level of Czech. She has a wide variety of learning materials and can easily adjust her courses to your needs.

Evgenia, Russia

Уроки с Яной помогли мне быстро достигнуть приличного уровня чешского. Она указала мне на типичные ошибки, которые делают большинство русскоговорящих людей. Благодаря нашим урокам у меня появилась уверенность в языке.

Svetlana, Russia

Яна – прекрасный преподаватель. Она обладает всеми важнейшими для учителя языка качествами: терпением, вниманием к ученикам и, самое главное – чувством юмора. Благодаря ей я уже через два месяца занятий мог объясниться в самых разных ситуациях, начал понимать на слух даже быструю речь. Она хорошо чувствует, что необходимо ученику на каждом этапе, когда грамматика, а … Read more

Alexander, Russia

Уроки с Яной мне очень помогли в тот момент, когда до поступления оставалось 3 дня и нужно было срочно развить понимание чешской речи. Также были и проблемы с граматикой, в том числе и в падежах, однако часть из них я успешно преодолел. (Ревизия и репетиторство перед экзаменами Б1, Б2 а также перед вступительным экзаменом по … Read more

Roma, Belarus

Могу сказать, что занятия с Яной очень помогают, за два дня полностью втянулась в язык. Мне понравилось,что Яна пытается сделать каждое занятие не просто банальным, а интересным, подбирает материалы и повторяет действительно нужный материал,за что ей большое спасибо:) (Ревизия и репетиторство перед экзаменами Б1, Б2 а также перед вступительным экзаменом по чешскому языку в ВУЗы)

Lera, Belarus

Jana was one of the best and most efficient language teachers I’ve ever had. She is very approachable and kind, but will also make you work. The good thing is that you can adjust your lessons to your own personal schedule, as well as the frequency of lessons per week. In three months of diligent … Read more

Paula, Croatia

Jana is a great teacher. I had some lessons before but they were perhaps too advanced, with this course we went back to basics and I learnt much faster. There is a good variety of exercises and it is all of practical use (how to ask for directions, what to say in a restaurant etc.) … Read more

Ian, UK

Jana gave me an excellent introduction to the czech language. I only attended 2 lessons prior to starting lessons offered by my job, but these lessons gave me the confidence to begin interacting using czech in cafés and businesses. Nice welcoming environment in Jana’s home.Thank you Jana.

Jessica, Canada

2 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Очень рекомендую Яну как преподавательницу чешского языка. Она обладает стойким терпением и пониманием, хорошо учит и объясняет. Поможет вам достигнуть желаемого результата!

  2. Мені дуже сподобались заняття з Яною. Вона прекрасна вчителька: відповідає на всі запитання, спокійно пояснює, дає багато матеріалу. Хоч українська дуже близька до чеської, все ж є багато нюансів і правил, які треба знати. За півроку занять я сдала нострифікацію без перекладача, вступила до університету, вільно спілкуюсь з колегами по роботі та читаю книжки чеською. Дякую!


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