53 Most Frequent Czech Verbs & Nouns (e-book)


An e-book with useful information, grammatical tables and many links, so that you can learn 53 most frequent Czech verbs and nouns – one word every week of a year. You can print it out, it’s the A5 format.

These words in the form of a calendar.

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In this material, you will find 27 most frequent Czech verbs and 26 most frequent Czech nouns, based on A Frequency Dictionary of Czech.

I believe this book is suitable for people who have already learnt at least some basics of the Czech language, not for complete beginners. However, I am sure it can be useful for learners who have already got to a higher level – they can use it as a reference book, or explore more through the links collected inside.

This is not a textbook, and it cannot teach you Czech grammar. It is a handbook, made to show you all the forms of the most frequent Czech verbs and nouns. There are 53 words in this book because there are 53 weeks in a year. Well, there are 52, but one or two days are then left over, so there are 53 words to cover them, too.

For each word, you can find links to online resources, useful grammatical tables, and example phrases.

For each verb, you can always see whether a verb is perfective or imperfective, if there is a verb with the opposite grammatical aspect, you can find the present (if it exists), future and past tense of each verb, the conditional and imperative mood, and the passive voice, plus a selection of examples, where I tried to present some common phrases, and indicate which words and cases the verbs are often followed by – infinitives, prepositions, cases, etc.

For each noun, you can see its gender, its declensions in singular and plural, accompanied by examples of the most common prepositions for each grammatical case, and also the forms of the demonstrative pronoun TEN / TA / TO – which means “the” (or that). Again, I’ve tried to list some of the most common phrases these nouns are used in, with prepositions, adjectives, adverbs etc.

The example phrases are presented in the form of model sentences or mini-dialogues, and English translations are not provided. I believe that the more effort the user makes to understand what is presented, the better s/he will remember the words and phrases. Therefore, if you really want to learn these words, I recommend that you copy the tables and sentences from this book – rewrite them into your notebook, little by little, every day, and make your own marks and comments to help you remember. In addition, you can take it as your weekly homework to decipher the meaning of the examples – using your Czech friends or teachers, Google translate, etc.

I am providing some links for each word that should help you with that. One is for a Czech-English dictionary, one for an online linguistic handbook (for more details about the forms and endings), two are for Czech-Czech dictionaries, one for the Czech national corpus, and the last for Google picture search.

Have a look to see what’s inside.

  • Number of pages: 294
  • Format: PDF
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