53 Most Frequent Czech Verbs & Nouns (calendar)


A print-out calendar with useful grammatical tables and example sentences, so that you can learn 53 most frequent Czech verbs and nouns – one word every week of a year. Besides that, you can also practice dates and months in Czech.

There is also an e-book version of this material.

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In this material, you will find 27 most frequent Czech verbs and 26 most frequent Czech nouns, based on A Frequency Dictionary of Czech.

For verbs, you’ll find the present, past and future tense, also the imperative (positive and negative), and the passive voice.

For nouns, you’ll find a declensions table, together with the indicative pronouns “the” (ten, ta, to).

You’ll always see some example sentences showing you how the words can be used, and with which cases (indicated by numbers).

Examples from the calendar

An example page with a verb
An example page with a noun
  • Number of pages: 60
  • Format: PDF
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